Looking for Ithaca?

This post is intended directly for students and parents who were trying to locate the Odyssey site for our final three (!) weeks of learning.  If you got the Remind message or e-mail that clarified this issue, I urge you to stop reading now and get back to your daily lives (or scroll down to play some Asteroids, please and thank you).

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I have heard from some that there was some uncertainty about where to find the relevant Epic materials in these byte-dark seas of the world wide web.  Although I have previously used this site for Odyssey materials, I thought it proactive to use our district’s Google suite of applications to make a companion Google Site specifically for this purpose.

Here is that link, again:


Any further questions about the Odyssey site, or our final push to our own Ithaca known as year’s end, can of course be sent to me at any time.  For your storm-tossed ship, may the tides of May be tidy!

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Please don’t toss your work to Poseidon at year’s end.  At least not the Chromebook.

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